Tuesday, June 5, 2007

a racer`s heart

Sure, not every carter is a scumbag, but most are. This is Ed. I don`t know if he is a scumbag, if he truely needs a PMS, etc. I don`t even know if Ed is his actual name yet. You see, I`ve been apprehensive about approaching these folk so far. I need to do a little more investigative research into their kind to get a feel for what makes PMS riderz tick. All in good time.

What I do know is that Ed has a racer`s heart. He has 2 extra tires, racing decals and some bad-ass skull, gun, and cobra stickers on his PMS.

And that, my friends, easily makes him the early front-runner in the PMS Cart Racing Gran Prix.

Now we`ll have to wait and see if he is ready to take it to the next level. I`ll be tracking him down shortly to see if I can get a Cart Life exclusive, shouldn`t be too much trouble.


Anonymous said...

If the fat bitches use grade 3 language, yours must be grade 5. The word "truly" doesn't have an "e" in it, you illiterate moron.

Zero Iscariot said...

Hey, what's red, white, and blue and flaps in the wind?
Your dead mother's pussy after I bust a fat nut on it.

Zero Iscariot said...

I made that up just for you, sugar tits... I miss you sometimes, even after all these years.