Thursday, June 7, 2007

the passion of the cart

Ya, I know. Cripples, gays, now jews, very classy. I just don't care because today I present to you the ultimate in sacrilegious personal mobility, the EV Rider Sportster SE Dual Passenger!

A two-seater cart you say? Well, not just any double wide. This is, in fact, the first cart certified by the Tzomet Institute as " the only electronically driven mobility product permitted to be used on Shabbat and Holidays."

Let that sink in for a moment. Religious beliefs used as a selling point for a device that encourages a deadly sin, sloth (and most likely gluttony).

Now I ask you, what would the road warrior do, Kyle?

FUN FACT: The Tzomet Institute is
a research group that finds technology-based loopholes in Jewish law to circumvent halachic permissibility. Their accolades include a kosher cell phone, a kosher computer mouse, and even a kosher pen with ink that becomes illegible with time making it a less severe transgression on sabbatical holidays. The more you know!

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