Monday, June 4, 2007

the calm before the shitstorm

I need to clear up a few things before we get motoring.

I don't think it's awesome to take pictures of retards, invalids, or amputees and post them on the internet. I find pictures of retarded people amusing, but they aren't really fair game.

I do believe, however, that if you have the gull to either:

a) let yourself get so morbidly obese that you need a machine to physically transport you to your next location or

b) screw taxpayers out of around $7,000 per scooter for low-life jerkfucks to shamelessly ride around town clogging up sidewalks, Wal-Marts and buses, all the while frontin' like they're regular citizens driving around their prefered vehicle of choice

then yes, you deserve a moment in the spotlight.
Fuck off, I've got work to do.


Anonymous said...

take my picture off your website asshole before i sue the fucking pants off you.You little prick.

Zero Iscariot said...

Hi Frankie,

I'd love to remove your picture, but they are, in fact, MY pictures, and any that aren't are public domain. Have fun fighting Google, hope the small claims court you attend has wheelchair access.

Anonymous said...

Man,I could not totally agree with you more on point B!!My god man,I am a bus driver,and the last people I hate picking up are wheelchair people!!Man,i dont remember how I found this site,but,it made my day!!