Tuesday, June 19, 2007

ask me about tobacco

Caught this downtown today, looks to be an off-the-rack Fortress-1700 equipped with a modified baby stroller and some sweet vanity plates. I would think the Exclusive Duro-Torque Drive System comes in handy when lugging around a toddler and all the shitty Indian smokes you flip each month with Junior's baby bonus cheque.

"Ask me about tobacco?" I was thinking more along the lines of "Ask me how the hell anyone is gonna fuck with this guy in the Cart Life Tractor Pull?"

Wait, there's going to be a scooter tractor pull?
There is now.


upset robot said...

Dan McLean Smokes.
I saw it myself.

Pongo said...

where the fuck are the updates?

Zero Iscariot said...

I'm sorry, I'm lazy and addicted to video games. I do have some good bits in the pipeline though. Fuck your mother!